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'Life Sciences' 분야는 기술번역(산업번역)의 경우 medical, pharmaceutical, environmental이 주류다.
<'생명과학' 분류(위키피디아, Basic life science branches)>
* Biology(생물학) – scientific study of life
* Anatomy(해부학) – study of form and function, in plants, animals, and other organisms, or specifically in humans
* Astrobiology(우주생물학) – the study of the formation and presence of life in the universe
* Bacteriology(세균학) – study of bacteria
* Biotechnology(생명공학) – study of combination of both the living organism and technology
* Biochemistry(생화학) – study of the chemical reactions required for life to exist and function, usually a focus on the cellular level
* Bioinformatics(생물정보학) – developing of methods or software tools for storing, retrieving(검색), organizing and analyzing biological data to generate useful biological knowledge
* Biolinguistics(생물언어학) – the study of the biology and evolution of language
* Biological anthropology(생물인류학) – the study of humans, non-human primates, and hominids(인류 조상). Also known as physical anthropology.
*Biological oceanography(생물해양학)- the study of life in the oceans and their interaction with the environment
* Biomechanics(생체역학) – the study of the mechanics of living beings
*Biophysics(생물물리학) – study of biological processes by applying the theories and methods that have been traditionally used in the physical sciences
* Botany(식물학) – study of plants
* Cell biology (세포생물학) or Cytology(세포학) – study of the cell as a complete unit, and the molecular and chemical interactions that occur within a living cell
* Developmental biology(발달생물학)– the study of the processes through which an organism forms, from zygote(접합자) to full structure
* Ecology(생태학) – study of the interactions of living organisms with one another and with the non-living elements of their environment
*Enzymology(효소학) – study of enzymes
*Ethology(행동학) – study of behavior
* Evolutionary biology(진화생물학) – study of the origin and descent(혈통, 가계) of species over time
* Evolutionary developmental biology(진화발달생물학) – the study of the evolution of development including its molecular control
* Genetics(유전학) – the study of genes and heredity
* Histology(조직학) – the study of tissues
* Immunology(면역학) – the study of the immune system
* Microbiology(미생물학) – the study of microscopic organisms (microorganisms, 미생물군) and their interactions with other living organisms
* Molecular biology(분자생물학) – the study of biology and biological functions at the molecular level, some cross over with biochemistry, genetics, and microbiology
* Mycology(진균학) – the study of fungi
* Neuroscience(신경과학) – the study of the nervous system
* Paleontology(고생물학) – the study of prehistoric organisms
* Pathology(병리학)- the study of the causes and effects of disease or injury
* Pharmacology(약리학) – the study of drug action
* Phycology(조류학) – the study of algae
* Physiology(생리학) – the study of the functioning of living organisms and the organs and parts of living organisms
* Population biology(집단생물학) – the study of groups of conspecific(동종) organisms
* Quantum biology(양자생물학) – the study of quantum phenomena in organisms
* Structural biology(구조생물학) – a branch of molecular biology, biochemistry, and biophysics concerned with the molecular structure of biological macro-molecules(거대 분자)
* Synthetic biology(합성생물학) – the design and construction of new biological entities such as enzymes, genetic circuits and cells, or the redesign of existing biological systems
* Systems biology(시스템생물학) – the study of the integration and dependencies of various components within a biological system, with particular focus upon the role of metabolic pathways and cell-signaling strategies in physiology
* Theoretical biology(이론생물학) – the use of abstractions and mathematical models to study biological phenomena
* Toxicology(독성학) – the nature, effects, and detection of poisons
* Virology(바이러스학) - the study of viruses like submicroscopic(초현미경적, 너무 작아서 현미경으로 볼 수 없는), parasitic particles(기생충 입자) of genetic material(유전물질) contained in a protein coat – and virus-like agents
* Zoology(동물학) - the study of animals


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미국,한국 등 전세계 의대생,인턴들과 임상 의사들이 구입해 책장에 꽂아 두고 시시때때로 참고한다는 내과 교과서를 손에 넣었다. 교보문고에서 무려 23만원을 질렀다. 

바로 'Harrison's principles of internal medicine, 19th Edition'(해리슨 내과학/해리슨 내과학 원리, 제19판,대한내과학회 편)이다. 세계의 내과학 교과서 중  최고의 권위를 자랑한다는 그 전설의 책이다.

1950년에 처음 발행된 뒤 지금까지 20판 개정판(영어 원서, 2018년 발행, McGraw-Hill)이 나왔다. 한국어 번역본은 2017년 2월에 나온 제19판이 가장 최근의 것이다. 내가 산 3권의 책(한 세트)은 교보문고 광화문점 창고에 딱 한 권 남아 있던 것이다.

해리슨 내과학 전 3권 및 CD

앞으로 핵심 해부생리학(Martini&Bartholomew, Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology) 8판(대표역자 윤 호,박경한)과 국내 기초의학 서적들, Medical dictionary(이우주 엮음,아카데미서적)  등과 함께 해리슨 내과학을 집중 연구할 계획이다. 특히 최신 뉴스와 연결해 내과학에 대한 지식을 나름대로 정리해 나갈 생각이다. 

해리슨 내과학(해리슨 내과학 원리)의 내과(internal medicine)는 우리 몸 안의 장기에서 발생하는 모든 질병의 외과적 수술을 제외한 약물 치료법을 모두 다루는 분야라고 보면 될 것 같다. 다음은 해리슨 내과학의  목차(Table of contents)다. 




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